Shopify pricing plans explained: which plan is the best for my business?

2 Dec, 2019

Are you puzzled in terms of which Shopify pricing plan is best for you? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! This article will help you choose the best Shopify plan.

You probably know that Shopify is currently the most popular e-commerce platform. It allows you to create a functional online shop quickly. So, congrats! You’ve decided to use Shopify! And the first essential question pops up: which pricing plan is a match for my business?

Shopify offers five different pricing plans: Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus. It might seem a bit overwhelming at the start, right? To make your life easier, in this article we will list the essential features of each of the five plans and explain what exactly you are paying for.

Shopify payment subscriptions: Monthly or Annual?

But before we jump into the deep water of the Shopify pricing plans, let us first get you familiar with the subscriptions options. There are two ways to pay for Shopify service: either on a monthly or an annual basis. For startups and small companies, as well as for new Shopify users, we recommend the first, monthly option. Although you can change the pricing plan at any time and without any additional costs, the monthly option is safer at the beginning, in case of dissatisfaction with the platform or (touch wood) business failure. We recommend the annual fee option to established brands with stable income and who have been using Shopify for an extended period and are 100% satisfied with it.

The Shopify pricing plans

Now, let’s get down to business. There are three main Shopify pricing plans at costs as follows:

  • Shopify Basic — 29$ per month
  • Shopify — 79$ per month
  • Advanced Shopify — 299$ per month

And there are also two extra plans:

  • Shopify Lite — 9$ per month
  • Shopify Plus — individual prices, starting from 2000$ per month

One also needs to remember about the additional transaction costs (a certain percentage plus an amount on each transaction). 

For the Basic Shopify plan it is 2.9% + approx. 0.23 GBP (0.3 USD) on each transaction;

For the Shopify plan 2.6% + 0.23 GBP (0.3 USD) on each transaction;

For the Advanced Shopify plan it is 2.4% + 0.23 GBP (0.3 USD) on each transaction.

Besides, when using a payment intermediary other than Shopify (e.g. PayPal), you will pay a percentage – an additional cost for every transaction charged by Shopify when a merchant uses a third party payment provider, rather than Shopify payments. (2% for Basic, 1% for Shopify and 0.5% for Advanced Shopify).

Shopify Lite Plan

This plan is the most simple plan available. With Lite, you will be selling your products on Facebook; you will be able to accept card payments and use the “Buy” buttons, as well as talk to customers via the Messenger application.

This option works out great for small businesses. Are you a working-from-home mumpreneur selling home-made candles? A fashion student who wants to sell their garments online or a local souvenir shop that wants to reach customers nationally? You could start with Shopify Lite. With this plan, you don’t build an online shop, but you are rather equipped with handy e-commerce tools (mentioned above). Therefore, remember that you would need to have your own website, to which you can add these features.

Basic Shopify Plan

The Basic Shopify plan includes a fully functional online store with a blog and sales channels with a possibility to sell unlimited numbers of products. In this package, you will also receive fraud analysis tools and an ability to add discount codes and display the products in various places online. You will get two staff accounts and 24/7 Shopify support, and you can use the shipping labels and unlimited memory for data storage. 

This plan is ideal for those who just start running a merchandising business and yet do not have a website. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a promising business plan and you want to sell unlimited products, but at the same time do not want to pay for additional, more advanced features, this plan will be perfect for you.

Shopify Plan

This plan is the most popular of all the options available and offers all the features that Shopify has up its sleeve. In addition to those available in the Basic Shopify plan, you will have an option to generate professional reports and a tool for recovering abandoned carts. The latter feature is the main reason shop owners choose this plan. The tool for recovering abandoned carts allows you to send automatic emails, promotional codes and reminders to customers who have cancelled their purchase. Thanks to this, many of them return and complete the transaction. Also, you get five staff accounts which come in handy if you have a slightly bigger e-commerce team.

Shopify Plan is a perfect solution for fast-growing companies who care about unlimited memory for data storage, and the ability to sell any number of products and effective remarketing, which comes with the ‘’recover abandoned carts’’ feature. Another big plus is the decrease in the transaction fee, which is hugely beneficial at high turnover.

Advanced Shopify Plan

In addition to all the features mentioned in the plans above, you also get an advanced report-builder and automatic calculation of the third party shipping rates. Fifteen staff accounts available on this plan suggests the size of the company we are talking about here.

This plan is ideal for companies whose shipments are handled by a third party, i.e. other courier companies, as well as for well-established businesses that will benefit from advanced reporting tools. Also worth mentioning is the fact that with this plan, transaction fees are decreasing, which will bring measurable benefits for revenues above $ 10,000 per month.

Shopify Plus Plan

This plan is created for very large enterprise-level businesses. In this plan, the store is fully hosted, and its owner does not pay transaction fees. What’s more, you get 200 TB of data storage, get unlimited staff accounts, personalized support, and the platform can handle over 10,000 transactions per minute. Nevertheless, Shopify Plus is still extremely easy to use, and the backend is super user-friendly. With this plan, you can just focus on business development and marketing, while Shopify will smoothly handle the order management.

This plan will benefit the largest companies. To give you a perspective: Elon Musk and Khleo Kardashian use Shopify Plus for their brands. 

You can get free 14 days trial here, and we hope this article was helpful for you. We wish you all the best with your online e-commerce endeavours! 

By Sara Komaiszko

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