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27 May, 2020 ,

Featured products are those products that you’d like to promote the most among your site visitors — for example, newly added items, bestsellers, special offers and more.

Where’d the best place be to show them?

Since the home page is the first page that a visitor sees, that would be the best place for your featured products.

Also, placing them at the top of the page, ideally after the Hero (the main image) or the carousel section would be ideal.

Photo credit: kitristudio.com

Featured products on other pages?

You can promote products on other pages, and one good practice is to show You May Also Like or Relevant Products on the product page.

This way, you offer other related products to the one your customers are purchasing at the moment or browsing for.

That’s called up-selling and leads customers to buying more than one product.

Extra tip :}

Labelling those products which you’d like to sell most of is a priority.

You can add custom labels such as NEW, SALE and so on, which is an excellent call-to-action practice.

To conclude, all the practices above are a great way to improve conversion rates – let us help you choose your best!

By Mladen Gorchev

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