5 ideas for a good shopping cart experience

21 Sep, 2020

The shopping cart or the shopping bag is the place where people have the final overview of the items they are about to purchase and the price they are about to pay. Therefore it is essential to make it clean and straight to the point.

Below we will look at five ideas for a good shopping cart experience:

1. Provide clear call-to-action on an empty shopping cart.

If the user’s shopping cart is empty, don’t just say ‘Your cart is empty’ instead create clear call-to-actions so you guide them towards a product or a collection which you would like them to purchase. For example, a message along the lines of ‘Your cart is empty. Let’s add something to it! Check our ‘Collection X”… and below that text, you can add a link ‘Shop Now’. Furthermore, you can add ‘Recommended Products‘ or ‘You may also like‘ section with selected products. So doing the above, you give valuable options to your users to take and potentially make a purchase.

2. Place the shopping cart icon at the top right of your page.

The reason for this is we, as website users are used to specific interactions with websites and particularly with online shopping. Therefore when we land in an online shop, we will automatically expect to find certain elements in certain places. One of these elements is the shopping cart. It is usually placed at the top right of the page and it shows the total amount of products added to the cart and sometimes the total cost of the products in the cart.

3. Use a “mini” shopping cart to show a quick overview of the products.

In a mini shopping cart, the users can see an overview of their products-to-be-purchased from any page they are on without needing to go to the cart page. The mini shopping cart is an excellent practice as it helps users to save time and also stay focused on the page they are at the moment.

4. Give confidence to the user to make the purchase

The shopping cart page is the bridge to the checkout process, so we have to give confidence to the user to go on and continue. One good practice is to show the payment options, e.g. Visa, MasterCard and so on, next to the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button. The other one is to change the text of the ‘Proceed to checkout’ to ‘Pay Securely Now’.

5. Make the ‘proceed to checkout’ button visible and clear

This button is the main button on the cart page. Therefore, it is important to be positioned on a visible location and to have a meaningful text on it, e.g. ‘Proceed to checkout’ or ‘Pay securely now’. Furthermore, it is good to place the button above and below the products table or on the right of the table. In this way, it will always be visible.


We looked at five ideas for a good shopping cart experience, and there is much more that can be done, but these are generally good to start with.

By Mladen Gorchev

Photo by Gabrielle Ribeiro on Unsplash

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